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Chemistry Concepts Inventory I (CCI1)


The Chemistry Concept Inventory 1 (CCI1) is a multiple-choice test designed to assess the effect of curriculum changes. The goal was to make a reliable instrument that is easy to use, administered in a short period of time and can accurately assess student understanding of general chemistry topics.


The CCI1 is commonly administered in first semester general chemistry courses.

Typical Performance

We haven’t performed an analysis of the LASSO data for typical performance, but the initial examination of the instrument found average prescores of 24.7% and postscores of 44.5%.

Example question



The CCI1 was originally developed with college chemistry students. Relevant articles are listed below:

  • Krause, S., Birk, J., Bauer, R., Jenkins, B., & Pavelich, M. J. (2004, October). Development, testing, and application of a chemistry concept inventory. In 34th Annual Frontiers in Education, 2004. FIE 2004. (pp. T1G-1). IEEE.


We recommend using Google Scholar and the citations listed under validation to find articles of interest.

Example LASSO Report

Please follow this link to our example report for concept inventories.