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Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI)


The Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI) included 52 items designed to measure adults’ metacognitive awareness. It is divided into two categories: knowledge of cognition and regulation of cognition. 


It was used for psychological research of undergraduates attending in introductory psychology classes. 

Typical Performance

We do not know of any published results with typical performance. As the LASSO platform collects more data, we will be able to offer better guidance on student performance.


The MAI was tested to measure the metacognitive awareness reliably and intercorrelated. The validation has focused on college students. Relevant articles are listed below:

      Schraw, G., & Dennison, R. S. (1994). Assessing metacognitive awareness. Contemporary educational psychology, 19(4), 460-475.


We recommend using Google Scholar and the citations listed under validation to find articles of interest.

Example LASSO Report

Please follow this link to our example report for concept inventories.

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