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Enzyme–Substrate Interactions Concept Inventory (ESICI)


The Enzyme–Substrate Interactions Concept Inventory (ESICI) was developed to measures student understanding of enzyme–substrate interactions.


The E2DPI is commonly administered in college biochemistry courses.

Typical Performance

Below are the performance results from the initial instrument development across 6 majors at a large predominately undergraduate institution in the midwestern United States.



Study describing the validation process for the ESICI:

  • Bretz, S. L., & Linenberger, K. J. (2012). Development of the enzyme–substrate interactions concept inventory. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 40(4), 229-233.


We recommend using Google Scholar to find the most up-to-date studies that use the instrument.

Example LASSO Report

Please follow this link to our example report for concept inventories.