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Energy and Momentum Conceptual Survey (EMCS)


The Energy and Momentum Conceptual Survey assesses students understanding of energy and momentum topics. The energy concepts included the work-energy theorem, conservation of mechanical energy, and work done by gravitational and frictional forces. The momentum concepts included the definition of momentum, impulse-momentum theorem, and conservation of momentum with examples from elastic and inelastic collisions.


The EMCS is designed for introductory algebra-based and calculus-based physics courses.

Typical Performance

We haven’t performed an analysis of the LASSO data for typical performance, Singh and Rosengrant (2003) found an average posttest score in calculus-based courses of 49%.

Example question



Singh and Rosengrant published the EMCS in 2003. They found that the instrument was reasonably reliable and valid across introductory physics classes. Relevant articles are listed below:

  • Singh, C., & Rosengrant, D. (2003). Multiple-choice test of energy and momentum concepts. American Journal of Physics, 71(6), 607-617.


There are over 130 publications that mention the LSCI. We recommend using Google Scholar and the citations listed under validation to find articles of interest.

Example LASSO Report

Please follow this link to our example report for concept inventories.

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We do not currently host any similar instruments.

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