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Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS) - Biology


The CLASS-Bio measures novice-to-expert-like perceptions about biology. The CLASS-Bio measures a range of attitudes that vary between experts and novices, including enjoyment of the discipline, making connections to the real world, the conceptual connections underlying knowledge, and problem-solving strategies.


The CLASS-Bio is commonly administered in undergraduate biology courses from introductory to upper division.

Typical Performance

Semsar et al. (2011) report that student attitudes typically decrease in introductory biology courses. As the LASSO database grows, we will investigate and share the typical results for LASSO users.

Example question

Question 2


Semsar, Knight, Birol, and Smith (2011) developed the wording for each question using student interviews to ensure that each question has a single meaningful interpretation to students. They used an iterative reduced-basis factor analysis to identify categories within the student responses. Validation was limited to students from one institution.

  • Semsar, K., Knight, J. K., Birol, G., & Smith, M. K. (2011). The Colorado learning attitudes about science survey (CLASS) for use in biology. CBE-life sciences education, 10(3), 268-278


Examples of studies using the CLASS-Bio or related to its use are listed below.

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Example LASSO Report

Please follow this link to our example report for attitudes surveys.

Similar Instruments

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